How to Write a Good Product Review That Sells and Builds Trust


If your plan is to monetize your blog and turn it into a great affiliate marketing business, product or service reviews can serve as a great way to do it.

Whatever niche you focus on will have some related products or services that you can promote. Sites where these services or products are sold may have affiliate programs where you can get commissions for each sale.

Hence, product reviews are a great way to sell a certain product or service, if you recommend it, of course.

In this post, you will learn how to write a good product review, which will not only gain you sales, but will also help you build trust with your readers.

Study the Product

Before you start writing a review on a certain product or service, the first thing you need is knowledge about it.

One way (the less tedious and most cost-effective) is by doing a thorough research on the product or a service that you’re planning to review.

The first and the best place to find the basic information is the main website of the source.

There, you can find out about the price of the product or service, its features, benefits, purpose, and other information.

Other than the official website of your chosen product or service, you can also check other places for information. These places include other reviews about it.

Useful Tip: It is proven that if you have an experience with a certain product or service, people will trust your reviews more, and this is true. The reason is that you can show your readers everything you think they should know about the product or service that you’re reviewing, and perhaps promoting.

However, there are limits as well, since we cannot buy and try everything at once. Hence, there is still an option of just heavily researching products or services to review.

Be Objective

When you write reviews, objectiveness is key. This way you can strengthen your relationship with your readers, build trust and maintain good reputation.

When you discuss your products or services, make sure you learn about all pros and cons. This is one of the great ways to demonstrate that you’re being objective and not trying to sell something for a quick buck (we all love and want money; I get it). You can find this information from reviews that customers or users leave; you can find these reviews on Google, on Facebook, Amazon, and other places as well.

Also, in your reviews, please make sure that you don’t miss any information that maybe important for your audience. To make sure that you include all the important information, you can do some extra research on the product or service that you’re reviewing either on the source site or you can check some other reviews. If you choose the latter option, be sure to take separate notes, so you include this in your own words.

Another important notes is that you must never ever make stuff up. This is how scammers emerge; they take advantage of their audience to make quick bucks. Our goal, of course is to be on legit side and provide help to our readers.

Last, but not least, make sure you update your review, in case of the product or service you’re reviewing has undergone any updates. Keeping your readers up to date is also important and you will be loved for this.

Use Visual Aids

I just can’t stress enough how important visual aids are within your content. This, of course, applies to product reviews as well.

To illustrate your audience a better picture of what a certain product or service is all about, visual aids, as they say, can tell a thousand words.

For each part of the product or service that you are discussing, be it features, how it works, etc., include a visual aid: an image, a screenshot, a video, or anything that you believe best illustrates the point.

Leave Your Opinion About It

Although objectiveness is essential in product or service reviews, your opinion on the product or service that you’re reviewing is also valuable.

This is the part of the review that usually goes closer to the end of the review. There you can talk about your impressions or experience with the product or service that you’re reviewing.

You can explain to your audience why would you recommend or not recommend a product or service XYZ. Maybe you like certain features, maybe the customer service is outstanding, or maybe the price is affordable for anyone. You name it.

Leave Affiliate Links

If you would recommend the product or service that you’re reviewing, be sure you include some affiliate links for your readers to purchase them.

Before doing so, make sure you’re enrolled in a corresponding affiliate program. There you can obtain the affiliate links and all promotional tools for your sales such as banners, videos, and other types of media.

But also be sure that you don’t overdo your promotions. You will appear too salesy and your readers will feel it. About 2-3 links in your review would be enough.


Just so you get a better picture of a decent product or service review, let me share some examples, both mine and someone else’s. Feel free to use those for inspiration.

My works:

Other works:


This is all I wanted to share with you about writing a decent product or service review.

You can structure your reviews whichever way you like; feel free to experiment. What you need to make sure is that you include as much important information about the product or service that you’re reviewing. This will definitely pay off!

If you have any questions or feedback, always feel free to leave it in the comment section below. I will be more than happy to help you out as well as to improve my services and content ๐Ÿ™‚




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6 Replies to “How to Write a Good Product Review That Sells and Builds Trust”

  1. Hi, German. Thanks for the information. You have made the necessary steps simple and easy to follow. With this formula, I will be writing excellent product reviews in no time.
    Kind regards

  2. There is a certain product situation where you want to review a certain product but you don’t have its pictures. Maybe it’s a new launch, its pictures are not yet available to everyone but to a few.
    You may find the pictures on Google but they are copyrighted pictures.
    How, in that situation will you access the pictures for your review since its nearly impossible to review without images of the product.

    1. The best thing you can do here is buying the product. This will allow you to take your own pictures of it and also gain hands-on experience with the product, which is a big plus.

      Whether the product is a new launch or not, you can find out where you can buy it, how much it costs and if the product can be shipped to your place, if you can buy it online. In this case, before reviewing it, make sure you can afford it or you’re willing to spend money on it.

      If you’ve already used this product, you have less headache to deal with; you can just take pictures of it and use it in your review. If the product is consumable (such as vitamins, medicine, etc.), make sure that you at least don’t throw away the package; save it for photos.

      I hope this answered your question.

      If you need any further clarification, or have any other questions, always feel free to come back for help ๐Ÿ™‚


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