Wealthy Affiliate Review for 2018 – Anyone Can Become an Affiliate Marketer!

Wealthy Affiliate Review for 2018
Nowadays, making money online is becoming a very popular topic on Internet, and there are many training platforms available online that teach you how to start making passive income and achieve financial freedom. One of them is Wealthy Affiliate.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

For those of you who don’t know it yet, Wealthy Affiliate is the platform that opens the doors to the online business world. The purpose of Wealthy Affiliate is to train people affiliate marketing and help them launch their first (or even second, third, etc.) affiliate marketing business. My goal in this article is to give you Wealthy Affiliate review for 2018.

Wealthy Affiliate – Overview and Ratings

Brand Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Founders: Kyle and Carson

Link: www.wealthyaffiliate.com

Online Entrepreneurship Certification Courses: 92/100

Building Websites: 92/100

Keyword Research Tool: 93/100

Community: 95/100

Affiliate Program: 94/100

Price: 94/100; Free Starter Membership, Monthly Premium Membership ($49/mo or $19 for the first month), Yearly Membership ($359/yr)
Career Revolutionary Rank: 93/100

Online Entrepreneurship Certification – The Most Comprehensive Courses You’ll Ever Take

Let’s first go over what are Online Entrepreneurship Certification (OEC) courses and what’s their purpose.

OEC courses are general affiliate marketing courses. OEC courses are a step-by-step training on how to set up your affiliate marketing business and scale it once you generate a good amount of traffic (visitors) and start making a decent profit.

Let’s dig a little deeper, shall we?

First, you learn the basics of an online business; how you to select your niche, build and set up your niche website, and write and post the first content on the website that you’ve created.

The next thing you learn is how to write more sophisticated content that will help you get high ranks on Google, captivate your readers, make them engaged reading you content, and eventually turn them into your potential customers.

After this, the fun part starts; monetizing your website! You’ll learn about various affiliate programs that exist online, and monetizing your website by adding affiliate links on it.

Once you master these three courses, you will be trained to scale your business by writing more valuable content and enforcing social engagement within your website. Once you get the hang of this, higher chances to boost your profit! Cha ching!

When you actually take the lessons, you’ll be amazed how detailed and comprehensive they are. You’ll watch a video tutorial where you will be explained how to complete a lesson step-by-step. For example, if you take a lesson about writing a first blog post, the video tutorial will explain how to do it step-by-step with additional tips that will help you achieve the desired results and even beyond them.

Another appealing aspect of the OEC courses that Wealthy Affiliate Offers is that they are practice-oriented. In each lesson that you do within a course, you first learn the theory (by watching a video tutorial), then you complete a set of tasks related to a certain lesson. For example, if the lesson focuses on building a website, the task that you will have to do is to actually build a website.

You’ll definitely get the hang of these lessons! You’ll love them!
During my first 2-3 weeks at Wealthy Affiliate, I learned a great deal. I’ve made significant progress in the online business world and acquired great skills that I’m now extremely proud of, although there is still plenty room for improvement.

Free Starter members have access only to the first OEC course that covers the basics of affiliate marketing and to continue with other courses they need a Premium Membership, which also unlocks other privileges that will be covered further in this review.

The Most Simplistic, Yet Advanced Website Builder – Zero Tech Skills Required

The foundation of your affiliate marketing business is your website. For people new to affiliate marketing and online business in general, creating a website can seem as an enormous obstacle, given that they have little to zero technical skills, or they just want to be time efficient.

The website building tools that Wealthy Affiliate offers its members are called SiteRubix. SiteRubix is an extremely simple tool to master, and with SiteRubix you can literally establish you first website within just a few minutes, if not less. Very time efficient!

Again, you don’t have to have any experience in web development or design!

The website creation is done from the SiteBuilder platform within SiteRubix. To build your first website, all you have to do is

  1. Choose the type of domain you want to use (free, existing domain, or buy a new one)
  2. Make a domain (if you don’t have one yet)
  3. Come up with a name for your website
  4. Choose a WordPress theme for your website
  5. Activate the plugins (there are two pre-installed SEO and image optimizing plugins)

These steps are easy as “1, 2, 3”!

Personally, it took me roughly 3-4 minutes to complete all 5 steps to create my Career Revolutionary website.

Once your website is ready, you can take care of it straight from your Wealthy Affiliate account using SiteRubix, so you don’t have to jump from tab to tab. Straight from the SiteRubix on Wealthy Affiliate, you can manage your website by using SiteManager, add content to your website using SiteContent, and other things to ensure your online business succeeds.

As a Free Starter Member, you can create 2 free websites with for which you can create free domains with the “siterubix.com” extension and you have 12 website themes available for you.

Also, if you are a Starter Member, you only have access to SiteManager, SiteBuilder and SiteDomains platforms within SiteRubix. To gain access to SiteContent, SiteComments, SiteFeedback, and SiteSupport, you need to upgrade your membership to Premium.

Keyword Research with Jaaxy – Keyword Search had Never Been so Simple Before!

Keywords are important components within the content of an affiliate website; they are key to getting ranks in Google and hence generating your traffic (audience).

The way Wealthy Affiliate helps its members with the keyword search is by integrating Jaaxy, one of the most advanced tools for finding the suitable keywords.
You can enter any keywords that come to your mind, and very detailed statistics show up. The information you will get includes

  • the average monthly search of certain keywords
  • estimated traffic size that you can generate if you get the highest Google rank
  • the size of your competition (QSR)
  • SEO score, and
  • keyword quality indicator (KQI).

The most important data of the listed are the average monthly search of a keyword and the QSR.
Why is it so amazing? It gives you highly detailed statistics for a certain keyword. More importantly, if gives you the number of your competitors who use this keyword. Awesome, isn’t it?

You can also create keyword lists as displayed in a screenshot below. You can, for instance, create a list corresponding to a niche you consider trying. This way you can gather your keywords of interest in a more organized fashion.

If you are a Starter Member, you can do up to 30 keyword searches using Jaaxy. Once you upgrade your membership to Premium, you’ll get access to Jaaxy Lite, where you can do unlimited keyword searches.

Amazing Community – You’ll Never Feel Lonely in Your Ventures

If you’re new to the online business world, and creating your first online business, it is especially difficult to go on that venture all by yourself. If done so, you can be overwhelmed by the amount of information you process, yet make little or no progress towards your goal and entrepreneurial success in general.

Wealthy Affiliate, in that case, does an amazing work at mentoring new wanna-be online entrepreneurs, and you can consider it a huge step forward!

Why? Because you’ve got people you can trust!

The community at Wealthy Affiliate consists of highly experienced affiliate marketers and internet entrepreneurs, who are always there to help you, if you ever feel stuck somewhere. They can help with any problem that you may have ranging from understanding the basics of affiliate marketing and choosing a niche to writing effective content and generating more traffic for your business.

Expect thorough, detailed answers from the community!

Here is the proof (I couldn’t fit the whole reply in one screenshot; click on any of the two images to zoom in):

Wealthy Affiliate Review for 2018

I received help many times during my ventures, and I’m extremely grateful to all people within Wealthy Affiliate who helped me! I even take screenshots of their replies and store them in a separate folder, so I can refer back to them whenever I have any doubts about certain things.

There are few ways of seeking help. You can post a question within a certain course that you’re completing, you can ask your question on live chat, leaving questions on someone’s profile, or a sending private message.

Cool fact: if you ever need a hand, you can also reach the founders of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle or Carson! You can leave any question that you may have on their profile or send it via private messenger.

Where else can get help from the CEO?

One of the Most Lucrative Affiliate Programs Online

One of the key components to a profitability of your online business is traffic; the more traffic you have, the more profitable is your business.

OK, now let’s get to the topic.

Wealthy Affiliate not only has the most comprehensive courses and simplistic tools to help you, but it also has an amazing affiliate program, where you can generate profit by referring people to Wealthy Affiliate. If they join and sign up for the Premium Membership, you start making your first commissions! The more people you refer, the more of these referrals apply for the Premium Membership, the longer they attain it, the higher is your profit.

Doesn’t it sound mind-blowing? It does to me!

As a Starter, you’ll earn $4 for per referral who pursues Premium Membership with a 61% discount (more on prices in the next section) plus $11.75 for each month they retain their Premium Membership and $87.50 for each year they stay Premium.

For Premium members, these commissions are doubled, which means that you earn $8 for each referral who upgrades to Premium with a discount plus $23.50 for each month they continue as a Premium Member and $175 for each year they keep their Premium Membership.

This is just for one conversion. Now imagine if you make 10, 15, or 20 conversions. Good passive income, right?

You receive all your commissions via PayPal on the first day of each month, and you’re always paid on time. The founders of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson make sure that your commission payments are punctual.
For the past 12.5 years, they’re keeping up great job at this; for 12.5 years, there was not a single late commission payment.

Super Low Costs – Anyone Can Start an Online Business!

Another huge aspect in favor of Wealthy Affiliate is the price. Once you first join Wealthy Affiliate, you start with a Free Starter Membership that you keep permanently; you pay nothing, nada, and there are no limited time (e.g. 30-day) trials. This gives you opportunity, freedom and time to explore Wealthy Affiliate more in depth, before making your final decision.

Once you’ve signed up for a Free Starter Membership, it’s yours for life. Come back in 15 years, and you’ll still have it. Amazing, isn’t it?

To become a Premium member, there are two choices that you can pick, depending on your financial situation: Monthly Premium Membership for $49/month or a Yearly Premium Membership for $359/year.

What is appealing about the prices that you get a 61% discount for the first month as a Premium member at Wealthy Affiliate, if you decide to upgrade to Premium within the first 7 days at Wealthy Affiliate as a Starter. In this case, you pay only $19 for the first month of the Premium Membership.

Oh, I almost forgot… All tools on Wealthy Affiliate are included in the Premium Membership price. You don’t any extra money!

Another cool fact: these prices never changed since September 2005, when Wealthy Affiliate was founded. Dazzling, isn’t it?

Based on all this information, ANYONE can become an online entrepreneur and chase their dreams, even students, low-wage workers who are craving for a change, or laid-off employees.

Are There Any Cons You Can Talk About?

OK, no matter how much I love Wealthy Affiliate (I’m its member), my goal here is to be honest with you and provide you with factual information.

Regardless of how great Wealthy Affiliate may be, it’s not 100% perfect (in fact, nothing is perfect). Just like anything, it does have its own shortcomings.

The first one is that if you decide to cancel your membership with Wealthy Affiliate, you are at risk of losing websites that you’ve created. In that case, I would recommend to check for separate hosting offers.

Also, once you become a Premium member, you can’t downgrade back to Starter membership. So, my recommendation here is to give yourself some time for more exploration rather than rush with conclusions.

The last con I’ve noticed so far is that the Google indexing on SiteContent platform. It is not really consistent with Google. For example, on the day when I had 7 articles published on my website, only 2 of my posts were indexed by Google, according to SiteContent, even though Google itself found 6 of the 7 posts I’ve published.

The best suggestion here is to look for your posts on Google to see if they were indexed.

Despite the cons that I just described, it shouldn’t stop you from exploring the platform, and decide if it suits you. Again, Wealthy Affiliate gives you an opportunity to see their platform works without any pressure of time.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam? I think NOT!

Source: Imgflip Meme Creator

Now, the big question that comes first when encountering similar training programs: “Is it a scam?” *Drum beat plays*…

It is definitely NOT a scam, but a 100% legitimate training platform where founders and the community really care about your progress in the online business world and ensures that you succeed.

Just to convince you that Wealthy Affiliate is absolutely legit, here are some examples of the member’s successes:

Wealthy Affiliate members are definitely making significant progress in the affiliate marketing world. Members share various success stories that range from getting their website on the first page on Google/Yahoo/Bing, to making a great cash flow, which allows them to ditch their jobs and chase their dreams.

If you join Wealthy Affiliate and put your effort, dedication and perseverance, you will most certainly be among the top members of Wealthy Affiliate, making great money online!

Would I Recommed Wealthy Affiliate? Absolutely!

Wow, there was a lot of stuff covered in this Wealthy Affiliate review for 2018!

Overall, Wealthy Affiliate is the most affordable and engaging training platform online and in the affiliate marketing world. The lessons and training are amazing and easy to comprehend. I personally, as now a Premium member at Wealthy Affiliate, completed the introductory course in about a week, and I loved it! Within this week, I’ve built my first website (yes, it’s Career Revolutionary!), and acquired significant blogging skills by writing content that you can always check on my site.

Small time frame, but A LOT of significant knowledge and skills acquired! I’m still taking more lessons there and actively learning.

Hence, I would definitely recommend Wealthy Affiliate. If you want to learn about affiliate marketing and start an online business, Wealthy Affiliate is the place to go!

I personally want to meet Kyle and Carson, the founders, to shake their hands for the amazing work they’re doing!

But don’t get carried away here! I must repeat that even though Wealthy Affiliate has a vast amount of pros, it is not perfect for every single human being on Planet Earth. Again, nothing is perfect.

Having that said, you would first want to explore Wealthy Affiliate and see what it’s all about as a Free Starter member. Yes, you can register there as a Starter Member absolutely for free ($0.00).

As I said earlier, if you need more time to explore, Starter Membership is yours for LIFE. If you decide to sign up and come back to it in 20 years to apply for Premium, your Starter Membership will still be there.

If you want to give a bit of feedback or learn more about Wealthy Affiliate, before making a leap, feel free to leave any questions or thoughts in the comment section, or just to give me a slap in the face, if I missed something in this review. Let’s keep the conversation going!


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2 Replies to “Wealthy Affiliate Review for 2018 – Anyone Can Become an Affiliate Marketer!”

  1. Hey, liked your review on this “Wealthy Affiliate” platform for training people who are interested in doing some business from home. I am actively looking right now for a way to make money online. I have retired, but don’t bring in much money.

    There is always more month than there is money, you know what I mean? Sounds like you can earn while you learn while a free member just by telling others about the program? Sounds easy to do. I think I will use your link above and go on over to Wealthy Affiliate and take a look. Never hurts to check it out-and you can’t beat the price, free!

    You really went into detail about what all they have there and I liked that. Made you sound like you don’t have anything to hide. I googled Wealthy Affiliate while reading your review, and it really looks popular. Maybe I will start the free trial. Thanks for your in depth information, makes it easier to decide.

    1. Hi Angi!

      Thank you for leaving your comment here! I’m glad that my review helps you. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely worth to explore at first. And the membership does help you make a solid decision.

      I was a Free Starter member for only 2-3 days before upgrading to Premium. Fast forward to today, I don’t regret this move. Within the first 4 weeks being a Premium member, I’ve learned a great deal and made a good amount of significant achievements.

      Wealthy Affiliate definitely keeps this fire of ambition going!

      Please feel free to reach me on WA, if you decide to give it a go; my nickname is gnag1995. Will be glad to see you 🙂

      Best of luck for you 🙂


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